Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips. Volume 4, Under the Bamboozle Bush By Kelly, Walt Book - 2017

I think I read too any Pogo collections quickly back to back. This became a little repetitive. I always enjoy the puns and malapropisms, and I know Pogo is a classic strip. Still, too much at once become redundant. Also, the Notes in the back seemed often superfluous. Either I knew the reference, or when I wanted a reference, it was not in the Notes. On the opposite side, for cartooning, this is 5-star volume. Each panel has an animated drawing of each character. I loved this appealing kind of the way of cute, now replaced in nearly all cartooning with a manga style. Walt Kelly was an unmatched master of appealing, expressive drawing.

Waluconis's rating:
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