It's been a few years since I watched "Secretary", but like many, I do agree that this underrated indie gem from the early 2000s is MUCH MUCH BETTER than the 50 Shades Trilogy which were just soft porn disguising itself as legit movies.

Imagine Christian Gray (of "50 Shades" fame) as an older weirdo lawyer named Edward Gray (Awkward, right lol?) who has strong morals because well...he just happens to be a lawyer who behaves weird but ironically loves to engage in BDSM.

One day, he meets Lee Holloway (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jake's older sister) a young woman freshly released from a mental asylum who still has symptoms and hires her as his secretary. They click almost immediately and it's when things get weird between them.

Unlike the younger "Mister Grey", Edward Gray (played by James Spader) is a compassionate man who knows the possible consequences should things go too far between him and Lee so therefore his strong sense of morals.

IMO, if "Secretary" was made today, it would not surprise me if women's rights movements (such as of course the "Me Too" movement) would try and get this film banned from theaters.

Overall, a great movie with brilliant chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Spader! My advice is this (even though it may come off as dumb): Just pretend the "50 Shades Trilogy" never happened because not only because IMO (but also my girlfriend's opinion) whoever thought "Twilight" fanfic would have been a great bestseller may not have been in the right mindset.

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