The Sweet Life in Paris
The Sweet Life in Paris Delicious Adventures in the World's Most Glorious--and Perplexing--city By Lebovitz, David Book - 2011

I read this book for two reasons. One, I enjoy travel/living the life books, and two, I love cookbooks. This was both all wrapped up in a very chatty style. I got some good tips for getting along in Paris, especially the distinction between cafe au lait and cafe creme - the first is only served at breakfast at home with people who slept in the same home as you, and the second is what you order if you want cream. Apparently if you order just cafe, you get an expresso (sort of like espresso but not as good). The recipes are also interesting and doable by you or me. This is a good book to be reading if you are a stop and starter kind of reader because each very little chapter is a contained unit. Just like little nibbles.

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