An interesting book that presents Steve Jobs as a very complex, sometimes immature man who had difficulties with family and may have been cruel or oblivious to the feelings of others simply out of a lack of empathy.
While he certainly worked hard and had a prodigious output I am curious if at the end of his life he would have chosen to do some things differently such as spend more time with his kids.
Of course doing all the creative and entrepreneurial projects he did left little time for the family and his first child suffered for his single minded focus to his work.
The price of extraordinary success seems to be a lack in other areas although he seems to have had the luck to have a sensible wife who took care of her kids as well as trying to get Mr. Jobs to reconcile with his first child.
A very long book. I had to read it in spurts. Some parts I skipped because I didn't find the growing of the business as interesting as the family impacts and successes. Overall, an interesting book and a man who certainly left a legacy although this legacy may not be entirely a good one.

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