Relic is where the Pendergast series begins. An intriguing page turning series that is now 15 books long, and continuing, that will keep you up late but perhaps not willing to turn the lights off.
Preston and Child are an incredible writing team! Preston, having studied anthropology and English Literature and working in museums for 8 years, wrote "Dinosaurs in the Attic." Child, who edited the book, was taken on a night tour to The American Museum of Natural History in New York and commented it would be a wonderful setting for a novel and thus Relic was born!

Who will love this?
Fans of Michael Crichton or Matthew Reilly will love the thrilling and intelligent storyline. Lovers of Museums, science and eccentric and erudite characters will eagerly request "Reliquary", book 2. Pendergast is an intriguing character, a modern day Sherlock Holmes. (If Sherlock holmes had grown up in a wealthy New Orleans family plagued by mental health issues.) Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes are actually mentioned later in the book series.

If you don't like the Medical science or monster feel to the first two books, I recommend you persevere as the series moves on and takes you on an incredibly intriguing and clever journey with many other intriguing characters you will love and hate!

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