The story, told in the muddy South, was played well in the movie version; which reminded me I had purchased the paperback copy of Mudbound back in 2009, where it has remained on a shelf waiting to be read. This was the week my fingers reached for it to absorb what Hillary Jordan offered her audience and compare it to the movie version.

The characters are well written, and I doubt there would be anyone who doesn't hate Pappy, forgive Jamie for his flaws, expect nothing less from Henry, feel a quiet rage for the lives of the Jackson family, and find Laura a victim of her time and circumstance.

Every time I read a history of the segregated South I grow emotional and will never understand the once accepted ways of this dark chapter in American history.

The book version ends 'untold' when it comes to Ronsel, where the movie version finds him returning to Germany to Resl and their son Franz. I liked the second package with a bow as it gave me hope in humanity, tongue or no.

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