Smarter Than You Think
Smarter Than You Think How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better By Thompson, Clive, 1968- eBook - 2013

(I accidently posted the same review for the e-version and the print version, which follows.) In some ways I am not a good reviewer for this topic, since I do not play computer games, barely know how to text and am in the pre-internet generation. However, Thompson does a thorough job of explaining what people who are in the younger generation do and how the connected world can be of great benefit to posing and solving problems. For us older folk, there is some good to being connected to many others for company and knowledge (email does not count, however, since it is as some say, “So twentieth century”). The world is evolving to group knowledge, interaction, and even activity to support worthy social causes. The author does not promise that social networks are a panacea, and gives some (not enough, in my opinion) warning that too much time can be spent killing space monsters instead of doing serious learning, which can be done, I think, in the social networks or old-fashioned books. I have been inspired by this work, however, to join a social network to try to catch up with current trends.
Although the author states early on that social groups are not physically changing the human brain, I think a better title could be How to Benefit from Online Social Groups. In some places he assumes that we know more of the acronyms for social groups than some of us do, and probably could make a point of spelling out the meanings on first usage.

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