Definitely recommend for Star Wars fans. I can see how this book would be very confusing to a non-SW fan. There were also many unexplained things from the "Old Republic" saga that might not register to someone unfamilar with "The Old Republic".

A few main characters went without good phisical descriptions in their introduction. Later throughout the book, the author incorporated more subtle hints as to their appearance. Some might argue that some things must be left to the imigination, however I think a little more detail would have been nice. I think Jet Nebula's character was described physically as "smuggler" and Dao Stryver simply as "Mandalorian" at first.

In general I would have liked the author to stop and describe the roses a bit more. He created great aspects all around (scenery, atmosphere, Etc.); and he could have spared more time on detail. Especially on the romance aspect. There was definately an intro to what could have been a really complex and emotional aspect in this but it was basically untouched. Here I am wishing a "Star Wars" title would incorporate more romance. Silly me. I really enjoyed it, but hoped it would be a little longer.

How the characters came together was amazing. Sort of felt like how your party started coming together in a Final Fantasy game - when cool random characters were added to the group. Despite my nagging about the character descriptions - the characters were still really amazing. Also, the story seemed to flow really nicely leaving you mystified and always guessing what could happen next. You're left wondering if a jedi hero or sith lord would turn to the other side and I think he did a spectacular job of capturing that feeling of internal conflict from the character's perspectives.

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