Tomboy A Graphic Memoir By Prince, Liz Graphic Novel - 2014

A pretty good book! Really good for thinking about gender roles. While it isn't exactly PG, I think it is an important enough book that kids should read this with a bit of guidance. I would have given this five stars, but I took a star off because 1. It would have been nice to mention transgender people, even though this isn't a transgender story, so kids didn't have to walk away thinking that transitioning was not a thing if they really truly didn't identify with their birth assigned gender, and 2. one of the characters uses "psychotic" as an insult, which I think further pushes the misconception that psychotic people are inherently evil or dangerous.
If you push that aside though, the book has quite a lot of redeeming qualities, but I do think the points I made should be kept in mind.

2kool4skool's rating:
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