Sold Out
Sold Out How High-tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America's Best & Brightest Workers By Malkin, Michelle Book - 2015

For those who still haven't gotten the message:

[Along with this book, be sure to read Outsourcing America, by Ron Hira and Anil Hira.]
Between one-third to one-half of all new IT hires are foreign visa workers!

Wow! I admit to not being a fan of Michelle Malkin, conservative, [the other author, John Miano I am a fan of, though] but this is easily a 30-starred book - - she gives it to the traitorous anti-American types in Corporate America, and the Senate and House - - in a most fair and balanced manner!
All the presidential candidates on the R side and D side receive F on supporting the American workers and A in supporting the foreign, non-citizen workers [Bernie talks a good line, but votes for increases in the foreign visa scab workers]!
As a former assistant treasury secretary once said: with every American job offshored, so goes a piece of the GDP [and the corporations aren't making up for it with their failure to pay federal taxes, that's for sure!!!]. Ms. Malkin's book is as fantastic as she looks!
[And, if nothing else, be sure to see p. 60 second to last paragraph, and read pp. 80 to 100 and pp. 121 to 123 - - they will blow your mind! , and also her recounting of President Obama's citizen-question session!] Although this covers the screwing of the American worker - - thanks Hillary! - - it also explains why there is NO VETTING process involving American visas - - so no wonder they allowed in the terrorists of the WTC in 1993, and the terrorists of 9/11, and the Times Square Bomber, and the Underwear Bomber and the Boston Marathon Bombers and Malik, wife of Farook, the mass murderer who was vetted by 5 government agencies!

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