Shrill Notes From A Loud Woman By West, Lindy Book - 2016

"My little victories--trolls, rape jokes, fat people's humanity--are world-building. Fighting for diverse voices is world-building. Proclaiming the inherent value of fat people is world-building. Believing rape victims is world-building. Refusing to cave to abortion stigma is world-building. Voting is world-building. So is kindness, compassion, listening, making space, saying yes, saying no. Were building our world, right now, in real-time. Let's build it better."

In this memoir West holds nothing back, sharing about her childhood, being a shy child always trying to cover her bigger body. She discusses her never ending battle with vicious and toxic internet Trolls. She duscusses her love for stand up comedy. She opend up about the loss of her father and how it changed her relationship with the man that would become her husband, tells of bad relationships, of traveling as a fat person, sexists bosses, internet writing, and addresses certain unpleasant subjects like rape culture, fatphobia and misogyny.

Her journey is brave and inspiring, she breaks free of society standards that typically want women to keep quiet. There is definitely something to be learned and or related to in these pages.

Also I started the series this book is based on and binged it in one sitting, yes its that good!

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