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Trumbo: " ... it will do you no good to search for heroes or villains. There weren't any. There were only victims. Victims, because each of us felt compelled to say or do things that we otherwise would not. To deliver or receive wounds which we truly did not wish to exchange."
Trumbo: Well, as someone who has been thoroughly investigated by the House Un-American
Activities Committee, I started wondering, why hasn't anyone taken a good long look at them and their work in the movie industry? You see, they were convened to uncover enemy agents, expose communist conspiracies and write anti-sedition laws. Well, here we are, thousands of hours and millions of dollars later. Agents uncovered, zero. Conspiracies exposed, zero.
Laws written, zero. You see, all they do is deny people their right to work. And they can't even
get that right. Academy Awards, two.

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