An important film because of the subject matter and is very well done. Great acting by Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, tv - 2008-2013; Wakefield, 2016; The Upside, 2017), Helen Mirren (Eye In the Sky, 2015; Collateral Beauty, 2016; Winchester, 2018)), Diane Lane (Inside Out, 2015; Justice League, 2017), Elle Fanning (Mary Shelley, 2017; I Think We're Along Now, 2018) with some fine supporting casts as well.
Watch until the end of credits, as it has some real footage of Dalton Trumbo and follow-up text. Great family strength to have held it together through all of the paranoia of the government, and Hollywood members of the time.
This is a lesson to be learned from mistakes and not to be repeated.

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