Busanhaeng Train to Busan DVD - 2017 | Korean

I do not seek out Zombie movies, but I had seen two of the leads in another Korean film, "Silenced" that impressed me. In this movie a lot of Zombie lovers will be pleased with the special effects that make the Zombies scary that have to be dealt with courage and determination. I was more pleased with the human relations angle--a workaholic father having trouble relating to his young daughter and a couple expecting a baby. I also wanted to search out the music, particularly at the end credits, but was only able to find it on You Tube. If Zombies turn you off you might not enjoy it, but the story is well done. The two characters I followed from another movie were both very good, but as in the last movie they didn't really pair off and that was a bit of a disappointment as they seemed so natural in the previous movie.

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