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Can a spidey sense expire? Miles Morales is trying to work out why his Spidey sense seems to be fading while his run ins with high school instructors intensify. Is one of his teachers the trigger for his spidey sense? Is there a correlation to the nauseating buzzing bouts or is it just coincidence? He has typical teenage insecurities about girls, friends, grades, his changing body, and is mischievous to the point of being a little reckless. He’s a bit of a show off like his counter part Peter Parker with the same origin story stemming from an unfortunate encounter with a biting spider…apparently more than one got loose. Ganke, his friend and side kick, is in on Miles’ secret offering moral support as well as unwittingly giving out clues via offhand comments which lead our hero to the ultimate climax in this superhero saga.

The reader, Guy Lockhard, captures the energy, youth and gritty adventure of the Spiderman saga in his reading of this tale. He ably handles voices for the men, women, and accents for this tale set in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to the text, he has good energy adding a sense of danger and urgency in the fight scenes.

This is a fun, refreshing diversion for the ear. It’s lighthearted and amusing while delving deeper into darker scifi regions. Miles Morales’ Spiderman series has a similar origin story to the original but provides fresh adventures and additional updated skills. The author crafts great descriptive text which takes the listener with Miles onto the basketball court, his family home, the streets of NY with Ganke, in class at his private high school where he’s a scholarship student, etc. In addition to fighting crime, the Miles Morales Spiderman fights racism and social injustice which is an appropriate update to this superhero tale.

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