White Fragility
White Fragility Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism By DiAngelo, Robin J. Book - 2018

jwtaylor commented earlier:
"This is the worst book I have ever read.

It starts with a premise that all whites are racist, only whites can be racist, all institutions are racist, there's a worldwide conspiracy by whites to dominate and oppress all others and if you object that you're not racist, it just proves that you are.

The author uses circular logic, statements that don't match facts, over generalizations and stereotyping to make her case. She converts objective reality into a subjective
viewpoint that is presented as fact, rather than her opinion. The author is completely certain of her viewpoint and never thinks that there may be other legitimate viewpoints or options. Most damaging, she believes the only way African Americans can succeed is if White people allow it.

Despite this, the book is worth reading because it illustrates a radical mindset that is unhelpful and worsens the situation for black Americans by depriving them of their intelligence, dignity and self-worth."

This commenter missed the point of the book and provides a great example for the reason why this book and others like it are important and necessary.

Another commenter below references a guy named Matt Taibbi and that guy's review of the book. Taibbi's own fans describe in his site's comments how he is demonstrating the precise blindness and unwillingness for self-critique that this book is calling out: White Fragility.

This book doesn't say that (all of) you are going out of your way to be racist. Among other things, it says that if you are white, you are inheriting the benefits of a system that is pervasively and inescapably racist, and that to not oppose and act to dismantle this system is to effectively be okay with the persistence of racism.

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