I read this book immediately after reading "Sharp Objects" by Gillian Flynn, so the bar was set pretty high. I read the Wife Between Us by this duo years ago, and while the twists and turns of that book were pretty far fetched, they were far more interesting than the "thrilling" moments of this book. While I think that An Anonymous Girl has an interesting concept, I found that the authors frequently over explained and over dramatized what were pretty simple and ordinary moments, which lead to the book also seeming rather far fetched and hard to read at times.....like, rolling my eyes hard to read.

The most thought obviously went in to creating Dr. Shields character (and she is a really complex and well thought out character), but other than her, the other characters in this book are very dull and kind of.....well, awful. Even Jess, a main character in this book, has such as dull dialogue and is so downright unintelligent at times that it's infuriating.

The book really picked up in pace about halfway through, and did get to a point where it was thrilling to wonder what the purpose of this madness was. But when the ending came and the "mystery was solved" I was super disappointed. For a 371 page book with such an intense build up, the ending was really the least intense part of the entire book.

It's not the worst book, but it's really not great either. As far as thrillers go, I would definitely recommend other books before this one.

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