A novel-in-verse that speaks to the themes of love, loss, change, and the difficult nature of forgiveness. A compelling, page turning novel told from the perspectives of Camino and Yahaira, who are half-sisters who have never met, nor known of each other’s existence. Living in the Dominican Republic, with her aunt, Camino has dreams of becoming a doctor; In New York, living with her parents, Yahaira struggles with identity and defining her relationship with Dre. Following the unexpected and tragic death of their father, each girl struggles to navigate their new reality in which their father is gone, and their lives are forever changed.

Beautifully and lyrically told, Acevedo’s novel is filled with richly detailed settings and a strong sense of place. Supported by a well-developed cast of characters, the reader is immediately drawn into the lives and relationships that surround Camino and Yahaira. An engaging read that is filled with warmth and hope in the midst of darkness.

This novel will appeal to those who have enjoyed Acevedo’s previous novels Poet X and With the Fire on High, #ownvoices novels, as well as fiction written in multiple perspectives.

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