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Just a thought, but please read this!!!

So you notice how old Bramblestar/Brambleclaw is? And Squirrelflight is around the same age, also, do you notice how old Crowfeather is? His kits (Leafpool's too, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf sad she's dead, and Lionblaze are all senior warriors? Then when Mistyfoot/Mistystar is also super old sine Bluestar was her mother and was supposedly given up to Oakheart (Riverclan cat) when she became deputy when Sunstar became leader. Now she (Bluestar) waited until Sunstar died, had her nine lives but on the ninth one she finally said to Mistyfoot that she was her mother so then Mistyfoot had to wait until Crookedstar died so Leopardfur/Leopardstar became leader so she had to wait ANOTHER 9 lives until she finally became a 'Star' so take that into perspective, she'll probably die in this series/book so Reedwhisker will become Reedstar and Harespring/Harestar I don't even remember how old he was- I didn't think he was that important. But Crowfeather was in the great journey and made his last name 'Feather' for Feathertail (His Riverclan sort of mate) and Stormfur was her brother so he'll probably show up sometime and die because why not??? Also about this book, Squirrelflight was taken into the Dark Forest right? The place of no stars. But realise this!!!!! BRAMBLESTAR IS STUCK IN THE DARK FOREST TOO. And another thing! Who is running Thunderclan right now? And remember Rootspring saw Ashfur take Squirrelflight into the river! SO will he speak up? And most importantly, will they believe him because his father is a loner?

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