Zealot The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth By Aslan, Reza Book - 2013

That the historical Jesus of Nazareth actually lived is pretty undeniable, but who he really was has been almost completely obliterated by time and the church. In this fascinating work, Reza Aslan peels away the layers of myth that the early Christian evangelists purposely created when embellishing the story of Jesus in order to create a “divine” persona and a religious movement that would appeal to the masses. Aslan begins by describing the times in which Jesus was born – a violent and unstable era and place. I was really surprised to learn that Jesus of Nazareth was not unique as a messianic preacher who roamed the land and performed “miracles”. There were others who came before and after him, and all of them were executed as well. For each myth or fabricated story that Aslan debunks, he backs it up with some pretty irrefutable scholarship and facts. And yet, he approaches his subject matter with a healthy dose of respect and neutrality, as it should be with a candid and scholarly study of the historical Jesus. Even so, there still remains a huge blank slate on what kind of man Jesus really was, how he grew up, what his thoughts were, etc. I suppose that until more historical evidence is found that will shed some light on all this, the real Jesus will continue to be somewhat of a mystery

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