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YakkingYogini created a list Mar 11 2020
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Johnny English

"These movies feature bumbling detectives who always solve their cases!"
YakkingYogini made a comment Mar 11 2020
"Rowan Atkinson is so homely, he's actually cute! The bungling private eye seems to always get his case! So funny! Now I will have to watch the other two movies in this series. Emma Thompson was funny, too!" Permalink
YakkingYogini rated a title Mar 11 2020
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General Recommendations

Death Cafe

"Tualatin Public Library is holding a Death Cafe on March 24th, April 21, and May 19 at 7pm. Join us for a coffee, cake and conversation as we explore these themes in a relaxed and safe environment. #WCCLS #TualatinLibrary"
YakkingYogini made a comment Feb 29 2020


DVD - 2019
"Corny and not believable. But, after The Matrix, who doesn't love Keannu Reeves?" Permalink
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