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che1 added a title to their Completed shelf Dec 01 2019
"Gender-creative Riley knows just what to wear for every occasion during a busy week with family and friends"--
che1 made a comment Nov 30 2019
"Along with self-image and positive messages, this is an excellent read aloud that encourages problem solving (growth mindset) for the preschool set." Permalink
che1 added a title to their Completed shelf Nov 30 2019
A little raccoon dreams of growing taller, but through a series of events learns to accept herself just the way she is.
che1 created a list Nov 08 2019
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Climate Change and Hope through Action

"For preschool audience, mostly on the environment and how we can help it."
che1 created a list Oct 30 2019
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Picture Books with Math Concepts

"To use for classrooms, library displays, and the Bookmobile"
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