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May 28 2020
"I think this movie is absolutely top-notch, with visuals rivalling "Avatar" and a plot comparable to "Star Wars". While I wouldn't characterize the writing as excellent, I do think it's well above the average for Hollywood blo..." Permalink
travistar rated a title May 28 2020
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travistar made a comment May 28 2020
"Great science fiction movie!!! The production value is great, the visuals are stunning,and there's even a song and dance by Rhianna !! ( who plays..wait for it... a shapeshifting stripper!) If you want a good sci-fi escape, this is a good place t..." Permalink
travistar made a comment Jan 24 2020
"Strange, Funny, Sick, and a bit out there. Jack kills about everyone he comes in contact with. This movie doesn't care that it crosses the line . It is what it is. A sicko at work. Definitely worth a watch if you like dark , gory movies that try t..." Permalink
travistar made a comment Apr 12 2017
"great book!!! the movie didn't do it justice! A believable premise, blending archeological mystery, horror, and suspense that builds to the creepy climax! worth the read!!!" Permalink
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