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Mar 31, 2019
I think this must be one of the most interesting shows I’ve watched. I feel like the story was unique and different from others, as well it has a lot to be built upon. I like the fact that he was able to keep this secret from his family and it was enjoyable to see his two lives. I didn’t so much enjoy his family and you will find them getting on your nerves, especially the wife, Skyler. The way he teamed up with Jessie was interesting since he was the chemistry teacher who was aware of the creating of the drug and Jessie, who knew connections. 4.5/5 stars @EffyStonem of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library. Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television show. It is focused around a terminally ill high school chemistry teacher named Walter White played by Bryan Cranston who turns to meth production with an established dealer, Jesse, played by Aaron Paul to finance his treatment and family for the future. The first season premiered in 2008, with a 7 episodes, each with a duration of around 50 min. This introduction into the world of Breaking Bad is some of the best television I have watched. The way Cranston and Paul play off one another, and how their characters conflicting aspects are forced to mesh with one another is compelling and hilarious at some points. Particularly when Walter must explain logic and reason to his seemingly idiotic partner. Both of their acting is phenomenal, some of the best in television. There are so many iconic moments and scenes littered throughout this series. Character development is rife in this series. The characters are pushed outside of their comfort zones, and they learn and grow because of it. Whenever one of them succeeds in these scenarios, we can empathize with them and feel their accomplishment. Moreover, the juxtaposition between the stereotypical suburban american family life, and Walters endeavors in illegal drug trade is endlessly entertaining. 4.5/5 Stars. @Joaquin of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board