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Sep 04, 2019penelopegomez rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Someone get me a box of tissues because this book was heart wrenching! This book was written by Jay Coles, who was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, and his own personal experience of loosing a family member to police brutally. This book does not sugar coat police brutality, like so many other YA books do... In this book Marvin and his friends are constantly the targets of police investigations, because they all fit "the profile." This book was really well written, my heart was pounding from the very first chapter when Marvin and his friends encounter a crooked cop after school as they were just riding down the street on their skateboards. Jay Cole really captured such a light and happy moment among friends, only to rip it apart within seconds, by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and fitting a description. I highly, highly recommend this book, It is told from Marvin's perspective, who's twin brother Tyler Johnson was murdered in an act of Police Brutality on his way home from a party. There are multiple instances throughout this novel where Marvin "fits a description" and my stomach was constantly in knot's reading through some of the scenarios in this book. I was constantly on edge wondering how Marvin was going to survive or if he was going to die too and become another "statistic." Not to mention the author Jay Coles is ONLY 23 years old, so it is written from a very young and fresh perspective on the movement. I think it's a really inspiring read, and it's one that should be on everybody's TBR list, 5 stars all around.