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Dec 30, 2019diaparalectdoxical rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I’ll tell you a bit of what this book is about: war, ptsd, violence, city life and culture, city real estate development, racism, paranoia, anti-communism, loss, homelessness, film noir, coyote, the many qualities of light, dark, shade. And this is just a bit of it. It sounds like a shopping list. But the book is anything but an empty list of “issues” touched on and then shelved. Instead the author integrates it all into an unbelievably dense collection of intimate and interrelated connections. I couldn’t put it down. The hero Walker, exhibits the best of the noir anti-hero, brutally honest, fearless, suffering. The best book of fiction (cross between prose and poetry) of the year for me. The book’s epigraph says in Gaelic: “cos cheum nach gabh tilleadh”, which my handy but crude Google translator tells me means something like “a non-returnable path’ or “a step that is not possible to return from” (my spins on Google’s translate). READ IT!