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Jun 23, 2020jazminefinuliar04 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Tyler Johnson Was Here, a novel written by Jay Coles tells the story of the Johnson family, an African American family and their lives whilst the Black Lives Matter and gun control movements are occurring, as they recently lost a loved one due to police brutality. Marvin Johnson, the brother of the victim, along with their mother, think back to the night before his disappearance in which they were in the middle of a police raid at a party. They begin to unravel a chilling and heartbreaking story behind Tyler Johnson’s whereabouts; it turns out that he had been shot and killed by a police officer. After reading the book in this current time period in which we are constantly fighting for justice within our communities, I was absolutely mind blown as to how powerful and moving the themes of the story are. Reading books about police brutality and injustice within the POC community such as this novel in particular encouraged me to take initiative and take part in advocating and fighting for black justice. Overall, I highly recommend reading this book in a time like this; it really helps educate those who are unaware of the current situation through the perspective of a family who has lost a loved one, all due to the very injustices happening right now.