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Jul 07, 2020xiccarph rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
I finally got around to reading this series, after keeping on the back-burner for a few years. Yes, they move at a slower pace than a lot of today's speculative fiction. Much of the content will seem quaint to any reader who didn't start their scifi journey reading old paperbacks and library binding classics from the golden age when they were teenagers in the pre-1990s. I decided to enjoy these as deliberate celebrations of that original scifi style, and they are great! Think of them as scifi that might have been written to be serialized in a Good Housekeeping magazine in an alternate history where WWII ended the same but differently, Washington DC is destroyed by a meteor strike, and the UN handles spaces exploration . Yes, the sex scenes are bit golly-gee, and almost entirely heterosexual cisgender (at least in the first book). And, the anxiety/medication subplot feels a bit out of place, but mostly because it comes across as a feminine issue, rather than a personal issue. While Kowal addresses racial issues in a way that wasn't in most golden age fiction, it still feels a bit out of step with where we are now in 2020.