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Jan 05, 2021NADINE KEELS rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
After being rather blown away by the utter graphic-novel awesomeness that is New Kid by Craft, there was pretty much no way I wasn't going to read this following middle grade novel. Like its predecessor, this humorous story (with lots of Easter eggs and background jokes and perks!) has a way of pausing to punch you in the gut at times with something other than belly laughs. I cracked up here, *gulped* there, and cringed pretty hard at some of the intensely awkward moments with well-intentioned characters who've got little to no idea how seriously they're putting their foot in it. Also like the book that comes before it, this story examines the ways that people (especially children/adolescents) of different colors and classes treat each other, weaving it into some of the everyday joys and trials of friendship, family, and growing up. However, I found myself getting emotionally lost at times, not getting the best sense of plot or focus in the story. Still, the main point comes across by the end, and there's certainly room for another novel if these characters need a revisit. I'd highly recommend reading New Kid first, if you haven't.