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Feb 14, 2021bell5133 rated this title 1 out of 5 stars
The acting was good, but I didn’t like the story. A reviewer below thinks this movie was a comedy and the only crazy characters were the cab driver’s family members. Well, I beg to differ. I say it’s a depressing drama with a man rejecting his devoted wife and daughter in favor of paying crazy male prostitutes dressed as women to let him suck their dicks. Don’t criticize me for calling them crazy. If Nellybells can call the cab driver’s family crazy, then I can call the prostitutes crazy. Freedom of speech works both ways; be tolerant, hypocrites. How is the family crazy? All they want is for the husband to come home from work and eat Christmas dinner with them and spend time with the family. The family members are not the ones expecting a pimp to remain faithful or beating up a girl just because she’s white and her name starts with a D. I suppose if the prostitutes were cis gender whites and the D girl were a black transgender, this movie would not be getting so much praise. Racism and discrimination, see. But I say that the behavior of the prostitutes is crazy no matter what race or sex they are. And the pimp and cab driver are equally crazy. I don’t discriminate based on race or sex, see. For as the wise MLK Jr. said, we should judge people on the content of their character. And these characters have lousy characters. Unfortunately “cultures” like this ARE becoming the norm. A good reminder for why abortion needs to be kept legal. Also a good reminder how flawed the prison system is. A 28 day time out in prison isn’t enough to reform a prostitute, apparently. Maybe s/he should’ve been put to work picking up the trash around the city instead, in a nice unisex jumpsuit so there won’t even be any dysphoria. If the work still failed to reform her, at least the taxpayers would be getting something out of it.