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Apr 01, 2021mariannelcurtis rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Bob Woodward to is a true journalist. I appreciated his questions and the detail he revealed that none of the other books I’ve read about this President or this administration have revealed. I also appreciated the way the book is written. Masterful in the way he reveals the questions he asks, and his own voice in order to state the facts as he has learned them. He gives you a peak of his opinion and conclusions in the epilogue. Most folks who have written the books I have read on this topic are bent toward the writers views. I don’t mind if I agree with them! But I thought this was a fair journalistic assessment and even shed some light on many folks I had written off. Not that my opinion changed but that I appreciate his fair reporting. It just makes all the rest have more integrity. Which so very important in the world at this time.