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May 05, 2021Firestar_Spottedleaf rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
I FIGURED OUT WHAT THE NEXT WARRIORS SERIES IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The series is called "The Starless Clan" and it is from Mistystar and Frostpaw of RiverClan, Sunbeam of ShadowClan, and Flamepaw of ThunderClan's points of view. The first book is called 'River' and I'm guessing the other five are going to be named 'Sky', 'Shadow', 'Wind', 'Thunder' and the last 'Star'. I like almost all Erin Hunter's books but I have not read Seekers yet. P.S. You all know who Mistystar is, Sunbeam is either Berryheart's or Yarrowleaf's son/daughter (I really don't know), and Flamepaw is Sparkpelt's son. But can someone PLEASE tell me who Frostpaw is?! _____________________________ One Week Later _____________________________________ Okay, so Frostpaw is a RiverClan Medicine Cat apprentice - her mother is Curlfeather and her siblings are Mistpaw and Graypaw. Just thought you should know. And can we STOP HAVING MEDICINE CATS AS MAIN CHARACTERS!?! Like this if you're exited for The Starless Clan! What Clan do you think will be 'Starless'? P.S.@hayajan- Wow. I never thought of that! @Blazestrike- We have not had very much WindClan points of views either, But I would much prefer RiverClan. -Firestar_Spotedleaf