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the Origins of Our Discontents
May 22, 2021JCLChrisK rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Wilkerson describes an important, innovative way for thinking about race in the U.S. She compares specifically to the caste systems of Hindu India and Nazi Germany, similarities that have been apparent to those from those countries but seem novel to most of us in America. She supports her assertions with a constant, continuous quilt of examples, historical and current, radical and subtle, violent and structural, obvious and surprising, showing the countless dimensions to the system that is in place. She is a gifted writer who is easy to read. Because she is pulling together so many diverse pieces the course of the book is not entirely linear; that and the emotionally taxing subject matter make it the kind of book to nibble and digest slowly, but it is always engaging and illuminating. An essential book.