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All in A Drop

How Antony Van Leeuwenhoek Discovered An Invisible World

Alexander, Lori
Book, 2019

JB L519A 2019

Journey Into the Invisible

The World From Under the Microscope

Schlitt, Christine
Book, 2013

J571.29 Sch394J 2013

Underwater Microscope

Streaming Video, 2016


Turn Your Smartphone Into A Microscope

Streaming Video, 2014


Microscope Image Processing

eBook, 2008


The New Microscopes

Seidel, Raymond Edwin
Book, 1945

R506 Sm69 1944

Contribution to the Optics of the Microscope

Woodworth, C. W.
Book, 1919

R506 C128P Ser.4, v.9, no.5

The Microscope and Its Revelations

By the Late William B. Carpenter

Carpenter, William Benjamin
Book, 1901

578 C227M

Microscopes and Telescopes

Stefoff, Rebecca
Book, 2007

YA 502.82 St328M 2007

Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek

First to See Microscopic Life

Yount, Lisa
Book, 1996

578.092 VANLEEU YOUNT 1996

Single Lens

The Story of the Simple Microscope

Ford, Brian J.
Book, 1985

502.822 F75S

The Billings Microscope Collection of the Medical Museum, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (U.S.)
Book, 1974

R578.1 Un3B2

The History of the Microscope

Compiled From Original Instruments and Documents, up to the Introduction of the Achromatic Microscope

Clay, Reginald Stanley
Book, 1932

R578.09 C579H

Electron Microscope

Streaming Video, 2012


Hidden Beauty

Microworlds Revealed

Bourély, France
Book, 2002

570.2825 B6664H 2002

Scanning Nature

A Look at Some of the Smaller Components of Our Natural Environment as Revealed by the Scanning Electron Microscope

Book, 1983

574.0222 Sca63

Early History of the Electron Microscope

Marton, L.
Book, 1968

578.1 M367E

The Use of the Electron Microscope in the Study of Fossils

Hay, William W.
Book, 1964

506 Sm69 1963

The Electron Microscope in Biology

Wyckoff, Ralph W. G.
Book, 1955

506 Sm69 1954

The Unseen Universe

Photographs From the Scanning Electron Microscope

Gilmore, C. P.
Book, 1974

502.825 G422U

The Universal Stage (with Five Axes of Rotation)

Emmons, R. C.
Book, 1943

R550.6 G292M no.8

Low Voltage Electron Microscopy

Principles and Applications

eBook, 2013



Streaming Video, 2014


Making Living Cells Easier to See

Streaming Video, 2014


Adaptive Optics for Biological Imaging

eBook, 2013


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