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Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!Bardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookE BARDHAN
Chicks Rock!Bardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookE BARDHAN
Quest for Clean WaterBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
A Star Purr-formanceBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
Seasick Sea HorseBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
The United States V. Jackie RobinsonBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ796.35709 R5632B 2018
Search for the MermicornBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
The Catfish ClubBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
Duck, Duck, Moose!Bardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookE BARDHAN
The Adventures of CaveboyBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
Chicks RuleBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookE BARDHAN
The Scaredy CatBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
SplatypusBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookE BARDHAN
Chasing MagicBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
Hampire!Bardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookE BARDHAN
Brobot BedtimeA StoryBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookE BARDHAN
Rutabaga Boo!Bardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookE BARDHAN
Caveboy Is Bored!Bardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
Caveboy Is A Hit!Bardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ/E BARDHAN
The Worst Twelve Days of ChristmasBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookCHRISTMAS E BARDHAN
Kitchen Science ExperimentsHow Does your Mold Garden Grow?Bardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ579 B2359K 2010
Quackenstein Hatches A FamilyBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookE BARDHAN
Nature Science ExperimentsWhat's Hopping in A Dust Bunny?Bardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ570.78 B2359N 2010
Ballots for BelvaThe True Story of A Woman's Race for the PresidencyBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookJ305.42092 L814B 2008
Jane GoodallA Twentieth-century LifeBardhan-Quallen, SudiptaBookYA B G61B 2008
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