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Dangerous Rhythms

Jazz and the Underworld

English, T. J.
Book, 2022

The Corporation

An Epic Story of the Cuban American Underworld

English, T. J.
Book, 2018

364.10608 En368C 2018

La corporacion

una historia epica de la mafia cubanoaamericana

English, T. J.
Book, 2020

SPANISH 364.10608 En368C 2020

The Savage City

Race, Murder, and A Generation on the Edge

English, T. J.
Book, 2011

364.10974 En368S 2011

Havana Nocturne

How the Mob Owned Cuba...and Then Lost It to the Revolution

English, T. J.
Audiobook CD, 2008

CD 364.10609 En368H 2008

Havana Nocturne

How the Mob Owned Cuba--and Then Lost It to the Revolution / T.J. English

English, T. J.
eBook, 2008

EBOOK 364.10609 En368H 2008

The Westies

Inside New York's Irish Mob

English, T. J.
eBook, 2006


Harvest your Own Lumber

How to Fell, Saw, Dry and Mill Wood

English, John
Book, 2015

634.98 En365H 2015

Turning Wood With Carbide Tools

Techniques and Projects for Every Skill Level

English, John
Book, 2012

684.083 En365T 2012

Macromedia Flash 8

Training From the Source

English, James
eBook, 2005


Macromedia Flash MX 2004

Certified Designer Study Guide : What Every Flash Designer Needs to Know to Pass the Certified Flash MX Designer Exam

English, James
eBook, 2005


The Building Buddy

A Guide for People Who Want to Manage the Building of Their Own Home

English, John
Book, 1993

690.837 ENGLISH 1993

To the West in 1894

Travel Journal of Dr. James Douglass English of Worthington, Indiana

English, James Douglass
Book, 1977

917.9043 En36T

English-Tagalog Dictionary

English, Leo James
Book, 1977

499.21132 En36E

Pages From the Past

Historical Notes on Clarendon, Monroe County and Early Arkansas

English, Jo Claire
Book, 1976

R976.787 En36P

In the Time That Was

Dedicated to Ah-Koo

Thorne, James Frederic
Book, 1909

398 T393i

Decision-making in Child Protective Services, A Study of Effectiveness

Final Report. Phase I, Quantitative Analysis

Book, 1999?

WA 360 So1dec m

Iphigenia in Aulis

An Opera in Three Acts

Gluck, Christoph Willibald
Printed Music, 1900-1999

M782 G52it

Psalmus Hungaricus

op. 13

Kodály, Zoltán
Printed Music, 1997

MUS 782.5294 K816 op.15 U6

Nineteenth-century Music

Dahlhaus, Carl
Book, 1989

780.9034 D138N

Armed Forces of Latin America

Their Histories, Development, Present Strength and Military Potential

English, Adrian
Book, 1984

R355.0098 En36A

The Concise Oxford French Dictionary

Book, 1980

443.21 C748A2

Elsevier's Nautical Dictionary in Six Languages

English/American, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German

Vandenberghe, J.-P.
Book, 1978

R623.803 V281E

Paris 1900

Borsi, Franco
Book, 1977

R709.44 B648D


History of Dutch Jewry From the Renaissance to 1940

Gans, M. H.
Book, 1977

R949.20049 G157M

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