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SQL CookbookQuery Solutions and Techniques for All SQL UsersMolinaro, AnthonyBook005.7585 M7338S 2020
Networking All-in-oneLowe, DougBook004.6 L9513N 2021
App KidHow A Child of Immigrants Grabbed A Piece of the American DreamSayman, MichaelBook
Candlekeep MysteriesBookYA 793.93 C161 2021
Beginning Apache Spark Using Azure DatabricksUnleashing Large Cluster Analytics in the CloudIlijason, RoberteBookEBOOK
Practical Linux With Raspberry Pi OSQuick StartPajankar, AshwineBookEBOOK
Minecraft Bite-size BuildsMojang AbeBookEBOOK J OVERDRIVE
Press ResetRuin and Recovery in the Video Game IndustrySchreier, JasoneBookEBOOK OVERDRIVE
Migrating A Two-Tier Application to AzureA Hands-on Walkthrough of Azure Infrastructure, Platform, and Container ServicesTender, Peter DeeBookEBOOK
Practical Rust Web ProjectsBuilding Cloud and Web-Based ApplicationsLyu, ShingeBookEBOOK
Practical Machine Learning With AWSProcess, Build, Deploy, and Productionize Your Models Using AWSSingh, HimanshueBookEBOOK
Practical Natural Language Processing With PythonWith Case Studies From Industries Using Text Data at ScaleSri, MathangieBookEBOOK
Coding ArtThe Four Steps to Creative Programming With the Processing LanguageZhang, YueBookEBOOK
Core Blender DevelopmentUnderstanding the Essential Source CodeHollister, Brad E.eBookEBOOK
Cloud-Based MicroservicesTechniques, Challenges, and SolutionsRajasekharaiah, ChandraeBookEBOOK
Spring Cloud Data FlowNative Cloud Orchestration Services for Microservice Applications on Modern RuntimesGutierrez, FelipeeBookEBOOK
Traefik API Gateway for MicroservicesWith Java and Python Microservices Deployed in KubernetesSharma, RahuleBookEBOOK
Introducing Microsoft Access Using Macro Programming TechniquesAn Introduction to Desktop Database Development by ExampleMorgado, FlavioeBookEBOOK
Foundation Gatsby ProjectsCreate Four Real Production Websites With GatsbyBiswas, NabendueBookEBOOK
Full-Stack Web Development With Jakarta EE and Vue.jsYour One-Stop Guide to Building Modern Full-Stack Applications With Jakarta EE and Vue.jsLopez, Daniel Andres PelaezeBookEBOOK
Electronics Projects With the ESP8266 and ESP32Building Web Pages, Applications, and WiFi Enabled DevicesCameron, NeileBookEBOOK
Modern PyQtCreate GUI Applications for Project Management, Computer Vision, and Data AnalysisWillman, JoshuaeBookEBOOK
Authentication and Access ControlPractical Cryptography Methods and ToolsBoonkrong, SirapateBookEBOOK
Beginning Java MVC 1.0Model View Controller Development to Build Web, Cloud, and Microservices ApplicationsSpäth, PetereBookEBOOK
Beginning MLOps With MLFlowDeploy Models in AWS SageMaker, Google Cloud, and Microsoft AzureAlla, SridhareBookEBOOK
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