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Mastering Composition

Techniques and Principles to Dramatically Improve your Painting

Roberts, Ian
Book, 2008

751.4 R5424M 2008


Techniques and Tutorials for the Complete Beginner

Allison, Christine
Book, 2017

741.2 AL562D 2017

Your Artist's Brain

Use the Right Side of your Brain to Draw and Paint What You See, Not What You Think You See

Purcell, Carl L.
Book, 2010

751.422 P9711Y 2010

Things Organized Neatly

Radcliffe, Austin
Book, 2016

745.2 R1165T 2016

The Painter's Secret Geometry

A Study of Composition in Art

Bouleau, Charles
Book, 2014

750.18 B664P 2014

Secrets to Composition

Nuss, Barbara
Book, 2012

758.1 N944S 2012

Geometry of Design

Studies in Proportion and Composition

Elam, Kimberly
Book, 2011

701.8 EL13G 2011


The Dark-light Principle of Design

Bothwell, Dorr
Book, 1991

745.4 B6579N 1991

Design and Composition

Goldstein, Nathan
Book, 1989

701.8 G578D

Mastering Color and Design in Watercolor

Schink, Christopher
Book, 1981

751.422 Sch34M

Composing your Paintings

Dunstan, Bernard
Book, 1979

750.18 D923Ct

Beginning Composition

Tips and Techniques for Creating Well-composed Works of Art in Acrylic, Watercolor, and Oil

Adams, Kimberly
eBook, 2019


The Art of 3D Drawing

An Illustrated and Photographic Guide to Creating Art With Three-dimensional Realism

Pabst, Stefan
Book, 2016

741.2 P113A 2016

Perspective & Proportion

Secrets for Artists

DVD, 2016

DVD 701.8 P4325 2016

Top 10 Art Techniques

Composition Secrets

DVD, 2015

DVD 701.8 T62C 2015

Set the Action!

Creating Backgrounds for Compelling Storytelling in Animation, Comics, and Games

Hernandez, Elvin A.
eBook, 2013


Design Elements, Form & Space

A Graphic Style Manual for Understanding Structure and Design

Puhalla, Dennis
Book, 2011

701.8 P964D 2011

The Moment of Caravaggio

Fried, Michael
Book, 2010

759.5 C1767F 2010

Composition in Landscape and Still Life

Watson, Ernest William
Book, 2007

751.4543 W3329C 2007


Kent, Sarah
Book, 1995

J750.18 KENT 1995

Proportion and Style in Ancient Egyptian Art

Robins, Gay
Book, 1994

709.32 ROBINS 1994

Principles of Visual Perception

Bloomer, Carolyn M.
Book, 1990

701.15 B623P2

The Heritage of Apelles

Studies in the Art of the Renaissance

Gombrich, E. H.
Book, 1976

709.024 G585H

The Nature of Nature

Klee, Paul
Book, 1970

B K671Ah

The Visual Arts as Human Experience

Weismann, Donald L.
Book, 1970

710.15 W435V

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