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Dante Alighieri
Book, 2012

851.1 D235i 2012

The Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri
Book, 1995

851.1 DANTE A 1995

The Divine Comedy

The Inferno, The Purgatorio, and The Paradiso

Dante Alighieri
Book, 2003

851.1 D235D 2003

The Florentines

From Dante to Galileo : the Transformation of Western Civilization

Strathern, Paul
Book, 2021

945.51109 D235S 2021

Dante's Inferno

Dante Alighieri
Book, 2004

851.1 D235i 2004


A Life

Barbero, Alessandro
Book, 2022

B D235B 2022


Lewis, R. W. B.
Large Print, 2001

B D235L 2001

To Hell With It

Of Sin and Sex, Chicken Wings, and Dante's Entirely Ridiculous, Needlessly Guilt-Inducing Inferno

Moore, Dinty W.
eBook, 2021



Dante's Divine Trilogy. Part 1

Dante Alighieri
Book, 2018

851.1 D235D 2018

In A Dark Wood

What Dante Taught Me About Grief, Healing, and the Mysteries of Love

Luzzi, Joseph
Book, 2015

B D235L 2015

Dante in Love

Wilson, A. N.
Book, 2011

851.1 D235W 2011

Dante and His Divine Comedy

Shutt, Timothy Baker
Audiobook CD, 2005

CD 851.1 D235S 2005

The Reader's Companion to Dante's Divine Comedy

De Gennaro, Angelo A.
Book, 1986

851.1 D235DYd

Dante, Poet of the Desert

History and Allegory in the Divine Comedy

Mazzotta, Giuseppe
Book, 1979

851.1 D235DYm

Perspectives on the Divine Comedy

Bergin, Thomas Goddard
Book, 1967

851 D235DYbe

A Concordance to the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri

Wilkins, Ernest Hatch
Book, 1965

R851 D235Zw

Dante and His Comedy

Gilbert, Allan H.
Book, 1963

851 D235DYg

Medieval Cultural Tradition in Dante's Comedy

Mazzeo, Joseph Anthony
Book, 1960

851 D235DYm

Dante Lights the Way

Fox, Ruth Mary
Book, 1958

851 D235DYf

Dante's Other World

The Purgatorio as Guide to the Divine Comedy

Stambler, Bernard
Book, 1957

851 D235DYst

Drawings for Dante's Inferno

Botticelli, Sandro
Book, 1947

741 B659D


The Story of His Life

Santagata, Marco
Book, 2016

B D235S 2016


The First Renaissance Man

Streaming Video, 2013



Visions of the Inferno

Streaming Video, 2006



The Poet, the Political Thinker, the Man

Reynolds, Barbara
Book, 2006

B D235R 2006

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