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Galileo's Daughter

A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love

Sobel, Dava
Book, 1999

520.92 GALILEI SOBEL 1999

Galileo's Error

Foundations for A New Science of Consciousness

Goff, Philip
Book, 2019

128.2 G133G 2019

The Florentines

From Dante to Galileo : the Transformation of Western Civilization

Strathern, Paul
Book, 2021

945.51109 D235S 2021

Galileo and the Science Deniers

Livio, Mario
Book, 2020

B G133L 2020

Heaven on Earth

How Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo Discovered the Modern World

Fauber, L. S.
Book, 2019

520.92 F27H 2019

Galileo's Muse

Renaissance Mathematics and the Arts

Peterson, Mark A.
Book, 2011

709.024 G133P 2011

Letters to Father

Suor Maria Celeste to Galileo, 1623-1633

Galilei, Maria Celeste
Book, 2001

520.92 G133G 2001

Galileo Unbound

A Path Across Life, the Universe and Everything

Nolte, D. D.
Book, 2018

531.11 G133N 2018

Galileo's Telescope

A European Story

Bucciantini, Massimo
Book, 2015

522.2094 B8511G 2015


A Life

Reston, James, Jr
Book, 1994

B G133Re

400 Years of the Telescope

A Journey of Science, Technology and Thought

Streaming Video, 2010

EVIDEO 681.4123 A78 2010

Six Great Scientists

[Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Marie Curie, Einstein]

Crowther, J. G.
Downloadable Audiobook, 2010

EAUDIO 509.22 C8868S 2010

Renaissance Genius

Galileo Galilei & His Legacy to Modern Science

Whitehouse, David
Book, 2009

520.92 G133W 2009

Galileo's New Universe

The Revolution in Our Understanding of the Cosmos

Maran, Stephen P.
Book, 2009

520.9032 M325G 2009

Meeting of Minds

Volume III

Allen, Steve
Downloadable Audiobook, 2008

EAUDIO 791.4572 Al545M3 2007


Decisive Innovator

Sharratt, Michael
Book, 1996

530.92 SHARRAT 1996

Galileo at Work

His Scientific Biography

Drake, Stillman
Book, 1995

520.92 GALILEI DRAKE 1995

Galileo Heretic

Galileo Eretico

Redondi, Pietro
Book, 1987

509.031 R249G

Galileo, Man of Science

Book, 1968

520.945 G133M

Galileo Galilei

His Life and His Works

Galilei, Galileo
Book, 1966

520.945 G133S

Galileo Reappraised

Golino, Carlo Luigi
Book, 1966

520.945 G133G

Galileo, Science, and the Church

Langford, Jerome J.
Book, 1966

215 L263G

The Achievement of Galileo

Galilei, Galileo
Book, 1962

520.945 G133B

Who Was Galileo?

Demuth, Patricia
Book, 2015

JB G133D 2015

Galileo Galilei and the Science of Motion

Boerst, William J.
Book, 2004

JB G133B 2004

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