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The Illusionist Brain

The Neuroscience of Magic

Camí, Jordi
Book, 2022

612.8 C1401i 2022

Fantastic Optical Illusions

Book, 2017

J152.148 F217 2017

やっぱり じゃないα

Book, 2021


Champions of Illusion

The Science Behind Mind-boggling Images and Mystifying Brain Puzzles

Martinez-Conde, S.
Book, 2017

612.84 M3663C 2017

Sleights of Mind

What the Neuroscience of Magic Reveals About Our Everyday Deceptions

Macknik, Stephen L.
Book, 2010

152.148 M218S 2010

Magic Eye Beyond 3D

Improve your Vision With Magic Eye

Grossman, Marc
Book, 2004

152.148 G9148M 2004

Fooled Ya!

How your Brain Gets Tricked by Optical Illusions, Magicians, Hoaxes & More

Brown, Jordan
Book, 2017

J152.14 B8137F 2017

Xtreme Illusions 2

Sarcone, Gianni A.
Book, 2015

J152.148 Sa719X 2015

What in the World?

Fun-tastic Photo Puzzles for Curious Minds

Agnone, Julie Vosburgh
Book, 2014

J793.73 Ag68W 2014

Xtreme Illusions

Book, 2012

J152.148 X79 2012

Harry Potter Magic Eye Book

3D Magical Creatures, Beasts and Beings

Book, 2010

J152.148 H2498T 2010

Walter Wick's Optical Tricks

Wick, Walter
Book, 2008

J152.148 W6321W 2008

Mighty Optical Illusions

More Than 200 Images to Fascinate, Confuse, Intrigue, and Amaze

Estep, Steven
Book, 2015

152.148 Es853M 2015

Magic Eye II

Now You See It-- : 3D Illusions

Book, 1994

J152.148 MAGIC E 1994

Magic Eye

A New Way of Looking at the World : 3D Illusions

Book, 1993

J152.148 M2725N 1993

The Book No One Wants to Read

Bacon, Beth
Book, 2021


Disillusioned Illusions

A Graphic Novel

Stump, Greg
Graphic Novel, 2015

741.5973 St955D 2015

Eye Benders

Gifford, Clive
Book, 2014

J152.148 G3663E 2014

The Art of 3D Drawing

An Illustrated and Photographic Guide to Creating Art With Three-dimensional Realism

Pabst, Stefan
Book, 2016

741.2 P113A 2016

How Do Optical Illusions Work?

Streaming Video, 2015


Optical Illusion Can Improve Your Golf Game

Streaming Video, 2014


Illusion Confusion

Streaming Video, 2013


Visible Magic

The Art of Optical Illusions

Ausbourne, Robert
Book, 2012

612.84 Au72V 2012

The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions

Seckel, Al
Book, 2006

152.148 Se241U 2006

Magic Eye III

Visions, A New Dimension in Art, 3D Illusions

Book, 1994

J152.148 M2725V03 1994

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