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The Wild Braid

A Poet Reflects on A Century in the Garden

Kunitz, Stanley
Book, 2005

811.52 K9628K 2005

You Never Had It

An Evening With Bukowski

DVD, 2021

DVD 811.54 B869 2021

The Etiquette of Freedom

Gary Snyder, Jim Harrison, and the Practice of the Wild

Snyder, Gary
Book, 2010

811.54 Sn923S 2010

Interviews With William Carlos Williams

"speaking Straight Ahead"

Williams, William Carlos
Book, 1976

818.5209 W676i

What Is Poetry? (just Kidding, I Know You Know)

Interviews From the Poetry Project Newsletter, 1983-2009

Book, 2017

811.5409 W5565 2017

Poetry in Person

Twenty-five Years of Conversation With America's Poets

Book, 2010

811.608 P7528 2010

12 X 12

Conversations in 21st-century Poetry and Poetics

Book, 2009

811.608 A17 2009

What Is Poetry

Conversations With the American Avant-garde

Kane, Daniel
Book, 2003

810.90054 K1314W 2003

Conversations With Gwendolyn Brooks

Brooks, Gwendolyn
Book, 2003

811.54 B7915B 2003

So Ask

Essays, Conversations, and Interviews

Levine, Philip
Book, 2002

811.54 L5788S 2002

Spontaneous Mind

Selected Interviews, 1958-1996

Ginsberg, Allen
Book, 2002

811.54 G4351G 2002

Giving Their Word

Conversations With Contemporary Poets

Book, 2002

811.5409 G4496 2002

Arts of the Possible

Essays and Conversations

Rich, Adrienne
Book, 2002

814.54 R37R 2002

Poetry and Poetics in A New Millennium

Interviews With Clark Coolidge, Theodore Enslin, Michael Heller, Eileen Myles, Alice Notley, Maureen Owen, Ron Padgett, Armand Schwerner, Anne Waldman, and Lewis Warsh

Book, 2000

811.509 P7527 2000

The Language of Life

A Festival of Poets

Moyers, Bill D.
Book, 1995

811.5409 MOYERS 1995

Heroism in the New Black Poetry

Introductions & Interviews

Melhem, D. H.
Book, 1990

811.54098 M484H

Survival This Way

Interviews With American Indian Poets

Bruchac, Joseph
Book, 1987

811.54098 B83S

The Poet's Craft

Interviews From the New York Quarterly

Book, 1987

811.5409 P752A2

Some Poems and Some Talk About Poetry

Manley, Frank
Book, 1985

811.54 M314S

Acts of Mind

Conversations With Contemporary Poets

Jackson, Richard
Book, 1983

811.5409 J137A

Talking All Morning

Bly, Robert
Book, 1980

811.54 B629Ta

Of Poetry and Poets

Eberhart, Richard
Book, 1979

809.1 Eb36o

Goatfoot Milktongue Twinbird

Interviews, Essays, and Notes on Poetry, 1970-76

Hall, Donald
Book, 1978

811.54 D141G

Allen Verbatim: Lectures on Poetry, Politics, Consciousness

Ginsberg, Allen
Book, 1974

818 G435A

Patti Smith on Patti Smith

Interviews and Encounters

Smith, Patti
Book, 2021

782.42166 Sm634S 2021

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